WOF For Landlords? How About The Same For Tenants?

It’s all very well for the bleeding heart brigade to come out all hot and strong  and ask for  some new fangled idea to get Warrants of Fitness for rented dwellings, but how about the same for tenants? Landlords need better protection from chattel smashing, carpet ruining, drug taking, tree swinging, graffiti scrawling, non paying tenants as well. The pathetic bond payment allowed by law payable by tenants, wouldn’t even cover paint and papering the toilet.

If tenants deserve good quality rentals through some sort of WOF ( which is not in dispute)  then surely landlords can ask the same?. Tenants should come with official “warrants of fitness” themselves proving that they are right and proper custodians to look after a property that would be worth at least several hundred thousand dollars.

To prove the point here are some pictures of one of my properties that was vacated by the tenants who kindly left me with just a wee bit of tidying up to do before I could re- let it again.  I didn’t post all the pictures as these would cause women to faint and grown men to cry. Estimated cost of repair:  $45,000. It is one of the hazards of the game and its been over 20 years since anything like that has happened to me before, so I guess I can’t complain too much. There is some comfort in the fact that the rat bags who did this will not be getting a reference from me, and one day will deservedly fail to get a new WOF if they ever had one. Ideas anyone?

Pressure mounts for rental WOF

A quick stroll down parts of Wellington’s Te Aro or Dunedin’s infamous student streets is a sharp reminder that not everyone lives in warm, dry homes.

For years, poverty and tenant advocacy groups have been campaigning to have minimum standards imposed on rental properties.

But it was only last month that the Housing Minister Nick Smith showed signs of listening.

He has asked officials to investigate the prospect of a rental “warrant of fitness,” a prospect welcomed by Victoria University Student Association president Rory McCourt.

“It’s a big one for us. We’ve got students paying $200 upwards for places that are really inhospitable for humans.”






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