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NZ’s best value suburbs



Auckland’s fastest-selling suburb is Kingsland, but houses in nearby Mt Albert are 17 per cent cheaper, a report on popular surburbs and their cheaper counterparts shows.

The Westpac report identifies the fastest-selling suburbs in most of the main centres and which suburbs are “hidden gems” – locations that are slightly less aspirational but better value.

Westpac general manager of retail Ian Blair said a “slight resetting” of people’s sights could significantly improve their finances.

“For example, Ponsonby is one of the most popular suburbs searched online in Auckland, but by buying in nearby Grey Lynn the median price is 22 per cent cheaper and you could be freehold eight years sooner,” he said.

In the Wellington region, Alicetown was one of the fastest-selling suburbs, but nearby Maungaraki was 22 per cent cheaper.

Other hidden gems included Hamilton’s Silverdale, which was 19 per cent cheaper than the city’s fastest-selling suburb of Hillcrest.

A bargain could also be had in Chartwell, which was 34 per cent more affordable than Huntington.

In Tauranga, Brookfield was considered a good alternative to the most popular suburb, Otumoetai, with a 27 per cent difference in price.

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    Every one keeps quoting this westpac report. Where can I find this report?

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