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Landlord fined over mouldy house

After months of fighting her landlord,
Leonie Stephen is glad to move on with her life.


From what I can see and read it’s a fair cop. No tenant should live in the sort of squalor described in the article.

But there is one nagging thought that troubles me. Why is that the landlord can be heavily fined and paraded through the media, while the chattel smashing, rubbish spilling scum bag tenant can trash a landlords property, skip with thousands of dollars of rent owing, and ( after weeks of delay) is more than likely going to get away with it because the system is so glacial and the collection regime so toothless? How about a WoF for a tenant too?


A Christchurch landlord has been ordered to pay more than $4000 in compensation for keeping a mouldy and “generally dilapidated” property as experts call for national housing standards.

Leonie Stephen moved into a Woodham Rd, Linwood, unit in early 2010 after months of sleeping in her car and struggling to find an affordable rental.
She said she was “totally desperate” for a home, but soon regretted moving into “such a horrible dump”.

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