Property Mentoring and Consulting Services

FNZIM, Dip Man, MPMI, Authorised Financial Advisor (FSP 29029)

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Thank you for your interest in our Mentoring and Consulting Services
— designed for those people who want to be serious about property investment whether it be commercial or residential.

I give impartial advice on buying, selling, renting, leasing and troubleshooting on all types of real estate as my long experience in these market gives me unique insights and ways — some times unorthodox — to assist or solve issues … simple or complex.

My clients deal direct with me on most occasions, or with my experienced team when the need arises. We are available seven days a week (within reason) by email, phone, face to face or Skype, so no waiting time, fast responses, no far-off appointments.

Over recent years we have seen major changes in the investment climate both here in NZ and worldwide as is well-known.

The present changes in the market place mean two things:

  1. The get-rich-quick days using some ‘secret formula known to only a few’ are well and truly over.
  2. The only real way to invest and successfully climb the property ladder is by hard work and adding value.

Because my team and I have bought, owned, managed or sold hundreds of commercial and residential properties over the years (by my last count many hundreds of millions of dollars worth) both in NZ and overseas, we consider ourselves well able to advise and guide almost anyone – whether the investment projects are large or small, ambitious or modest. Indeed, as an Authorised Financial Advisor, I can advise on all financial matters, whether property-related or not.

New Zealand is unique in that it does not have stamp duty, death duties, or capital gains tax (unless you are a dealer or in some cases remit profits overseas), and these advantage should be put to good use.

Experience teaches that whether the market is going up, down, or sideways you can earn good profits – plus security and peace of mind – by understanding the fundamentals.

Commercial or residential?

If you are interested in succeeding in commercial real estate, you should note that commercial property behaves quite differently from residential. If you think you understand commercial property because you had some experience with residential you will be in for a surprise. The two are quite different, and have very different pros and cons.

Another strategy is to grasp the nettle and become a property dealer: buying, improving and selling property with the clear intention of making profits as you go. This strategy works well but of course it requires patience, a high degree of dedication – and, of course, the acceptance that trading is a taxable activity just like any other business.

Recent events have demonstrated that nothing can be guaranteed. This is especially so when it comes to having a secure job and income – or maybe not.

This is what prudent investments guard against. If you have alternative (and regular) sources of income, losing your job would not be such a devastating threat to your finances. Building up a portfolio of rental properties, whether they are residential or commercial, is one of the best ways to provide that alternative income.

It takes time, energy and focus. You have to start somewhere and it’s never too late to begin.
Life gives you two choices: action or staring at the wall forever. Which do you prefer?
Doing nothing will result in the same as before = nothing.

There are many examples in my files about how we have helped others. They all have one thing in common – a genuine desire by the ‘students’ to get serious about property investment and a willingness to put in the hard yards. There are no free lunches

Let me emphasise that my team and I are totally independent. What you will receive is advice and guidance on property – pure and simple.  We will NEVER try to sell you property. We are not going to stitch you up into a property ‘bargain’.

There are absolutely no hidden agendas, commissions or backhanders … and no add-ons.

This is an action-orientated programme. The more action you take the more advice you will get. Just note that it’s not my job to get you out of bed in the morning. You have to do the work. My job is to give you the advice and guidance.
You have nothing to lose and much to gain from securing your future.

Remember this: With property you are dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars each time whether your own money or borrowed.
One good decision can set you up for life.
One bad decision can put you back.

Getting impartial and independent advice is a vital ingredient before committing yourself to any transaction whether it be buying, selling leasing or dealing.

Want to learn more?

Then feel free to phone me on 0800 34 24 12 for a no obligation chat. Call me now or email me through this contact form and I will contact you to discuss things further.

I look forward to working with you.


Olly Newland

How the Property Mentoring Programme works:

NO HYPE, JUST GOOD ADVICE and ENCOURAGEMENT based on genuine experience

When you join the Mentoring Programme, you receive education, guidance and advice. It’s also private, and confidential. There may also be group seminars and evening events to which you will be invited.

  1. At the start: You’ll receive a large dossier of property investment-related documents, examples, papers, and other relevant material covering both residential and commercial investment. This manual is something you can refer to as a set of expanding ‘text books’ and resources to read and understand whenever necessary.
  2. You will also get a number of books and CDs on various related subjects – some written by me, and others by experts covering issues such as taxation as it relates to property and commercial property, among other things.
  3. At the beginning, you will also receive a long ‘Homework’ assignment — to be completed and reported back at your own pace.
  4. Essentially, you will have phone, email, Skype, & fax communication seven days a week (within reason) at no extra charge. This means that you can phone or email any time if  you are actually contemplating a deal and get a prompt answer.
  5. Any property deals you look at (buying, selling leasing etc) can be sent to me by email, fax or post and together we can analyse them. I will cheerfully act as a sounding board: You may want to convince me that it is a good deal, and I may try to say it is not. (In other words, we will debate the issue and, hopefully, come up with the right approach between us.)
  6. We can be in fairly constant contact (when you wish) particularly when you’re in a negotiation situation. For instance, I can check over an offers terms before you put it in, then see it through all its stages with you: offer and counter-offer, renegotiation. It can be a rocky road at times. (Your solicitor and accountant will of course also be involved at all times as required. I know the value of specialist professionals.)
  7. The three and six month programs can be extended at no cost to four and eight months respectively should you need a break or go on holiday, so long as you advise me beforehand. (In other words, the clock can be ‘turned off and on’ as you may require.)

My Property Mentoring Programme is designed to fit in with your timeframes – not put you under pressure. It is designed for you to learn all you can about property investment and find the ‘niche’ where you are comfortable. Whether you buy an investment tomorrow, or in six months or next year is not the issue. It’s knowing what to look for, recognising the opportunities, avoiding the traps, and knowing what to do next.

Important note: My team and I will never attempt to sell you property nor any other investments. We provide advice only. There’ll be no other ‘sales pitch’.

Articles and news are updated on this website continuously and I’ll email points of market interest as updates.

I work with clients throughout New Zealand and can only take on a few new clients at any time.
If you have any questions about how my Mentoring Programme works … and how it might suit you, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss things.

Trouble Shooting

In many cases, especially in times like the present, some property owners and investors strike trouble. It could be the inability to pay the mortgage, vacancies that cannot be filled, deals that cannot be completed or difficulty to fund purchases. The past years have been a heady dream for many property owners and some believed that the good times would last for ever.
These times are over and reality has returned.

My experiences in tough times could be of great advantage for anybody who is facing a crisis and doesn’t know where to turn. If you need any help, you can use my services and receive impartial and confidential advice and pragmatic nuts-and-bolts action.


Available seven days a week without limit (within reason) by:
- phone
- email
- fax
- mobile
- face to face

For details of costs, timing of my mentoring programme or one-off consultations on specific matters, please use the
contact form or call me 0800 66 22 80.

Extended terms by negotiation can be arranged by way of credit card or automatic payment.


Upon enrolling there will be no extra charge for your husband, wife or partner to also attend.
Reasonable pauses in a program will be granted on request should circumstances dictate. Fees paid are non refundable.

What you get

Besides my full attention at all reasonable times I will be available by phone, fax, email, mobile and face to face. Often you’ll be able to contact me seven days a week — for instance when you are sitting in a real estate agent’s office with the agreement in front of you ready to sign and are not quite sure of something and need some advice or encouragement on the spot.

The Last Word

Let me emphasise that we are totally independent. What you will receive from us is advice and guidance on property pure and simple. We are not going to sell you a property ‘bargain’, or broker your mortgages or try to sell you an apartment in Queensland .

Please note carefully: It’s not my job to get you out of bed in the morning. You have to do the work. My job is to give you the advice and guidance as you explore the market and decide where your interests lie and the niches with which you may want to become more familiar.

It is my job to act as your advisor and “confidente” analysing whatever you look at and helping you with the decision making process.

Although I will advise and assist you all the way with any deal you may wish to conclude, the final decision will be up to you. The final “leap of faith” will be yours. No pressure will be applied on you by me on way or the other.

You have nothing to lose and much to gain from securing your future. And remember this:
If you do nothing – nothing is what you will get.

Feel free to phone me on 0800 34 24 12 any time or come to my office for a chat.

Call me now to enroll on my mentoring program or alternatively email me using the contact form and I will contact you to discuss this further.

I look forward to working with you.