Unitary Plan Will Push Prices


Full Steam Ahead For Unitary Plan
by Olly on 2013/09/10 4:58 PM

Hang onto your hat. The Unitary Plan which allows greater density of housing, will have a profound effect on some property prices.

If you can take a medium or long term view then :
(1) Buy properties with have as much land as possible

(2) Close to transport shops and schools

(3) On or near main roads.

(4) Have properties on them that can be removed easily.

Council votes 17-4 for unitary plan, unanimously for housing accord
Tuesday 10 September 2013

Auckland Council voted 17-4 today to notify the unitary plan, then agreed shortly after to sign the housing accord with the Government.

The unitary plan will be publicly notified on Monday 30 September and will go out to formal public consultation until February. Submissions will be heard by a panel of independent commissioners who haven’t been named yet.

When the commissioners have made their decision it will go to the council for endorsement and then be open to limited appeals.

The council debate on the unitary plan was sedate, coming after 5 days of a committee meeting that ironed out all but a couple of wrinkles, and on the accord there were a few questions followed by unanimous agreement.

The main question on the accord concerned the override the Government inserted. But the council’s new housing project director, Ree Anderson, said the new legislation to come into force next Monday contained provision for dispute resolution.

She said the council had received 70-80 requests from developers wanting to build in the special housing areas which will be created under the accord. The first of the special housing areas will be created once the unitary plan is notified.

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