Tips On Leaky Homes

How to avoid buying a leaky home



Anyone looking to buy property, particularly in Auckland, will be well aware of the high number of leaky homes on the market.  Nationally there are an estimated 42,000 leaky homes – what real estate agents call houses with weathertightness issues – and only about 3500 had been repaired at the last count in 2010. That’s despite the fact more than 70 per cent of our household wealth is tied up in New Zealand’s 1.7 million homes.
So leaks are something you need to beware of when out hunting for a house.

Real estate listings are designed to snag the attention of browsing buyers and a fair bit of effort goes into making the property look good when prospective buyers come calling. Just look at the number of listings that feature homes fitted out with hired furniture arranged by professional interior designers for the duration of the marketing process. A lot of thought goes into the appearance of a property, both in person at open homes and in photographs and phrasing in online and print listings.


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