The Good Times Roll On

House listings surge after election 

A post-election rush has seen the number of new homes listed for sale on real estate industry website swell by almost a third in one month.

New figures released by the site show 13,765 homes were listed in October, up 32 per cent from September.

“With the election, we didn’t see the usual spring rise in homes for sale, but the strong rise in October brings us back close to long-term figures,” says Paul McKenzie, national marketing manager of

The site has 1.5 per cent fewer new listings than at the corresponding time last year, with an average asking price of $488,393 – only 1.3 per cent higher than in October 2013.

Asking prices are still down from June when a record average asking price of $490,550 was recorded.

The average asking price in Auckland dropped below $700,000 in October, falling 1.4 per cent to $699,358.


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