Earthquake -The Side Effects

Those of you who have followed my articles  will know that I have predicting for some time that rents will rise and maybe double in the main centres in the next year or two. The earthquake, and other factors, both economical and political, are steadily increasing the pressure on good rental stock. If you want to invest in residential, the sooner the better while bargains are still to be had, and interest rates remain the lowest in 40 years.  Remember: good rentals are to be found in the leafy established suburbs- not the ticky- tacky boxes in the poorer areas or country hamlets.


Quake related population dispersal filling rental vacancies across North and South Islands, reports First National Group

April 19, 2011 – 02:48pm, Amanda Morrall

Christchurch earthquake refugees are filling rentals across North and South Islands, says First National. What are you seeing?

Christchurch residents fleeing their city are snapping up available rental properties across the country in a trend that is also pushing up rents, according to First National Group.

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