The Day The Bubble Bursts – Episode Six (continued)

The New Zealand property market could be due for a correction in coming years, meaning prices could fall, experts warn.

One of New Zealands leading KiwiSaver managers is warning there could be a correction in the property market.
More hog wash from “experts” who know the price of everything and the value of nothing.
There is no chance whatsoever of a crash in the present climate unless there is some major catastrophic event ( another GFC i.e.) . The market will level off and stablise some time for sure,  but good money will still be made even in a flat market.  If ever the market did crash as predicted – then the building industry will be wiped out (together with most of the whizz kid money managers) as the country sinks into the biggest depression since 1929.
I’ve been through several booms and busts and can tell when the market is on the edge -  and it isn’t even close.
I should know. I wrote the book. (2004)
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