The Cost Of Building- A Letter From Europe

About a month ago I wrote an article on who’s to blame for cost of housing ( read it here:)

A reader of my website has written to me with his views and gives examples of what can be bought in Holland and Germany and how “cheap” it is all is. I have to say that I am not totally convinced because the examples given are in the black blocks and I can find just as cheap houses in the country here in NZ. In any event I have posted this readers email ( but removed his name). Spelling and grammar are as written

City: Breddenberg, Germany

Dear Sir, Regarding your article about the cost of New Zealand housing. I lived in New Zealand between 1980 – 1990. Dutch citizen. Now I live in Germany. Just 50 km across the border with the Netherlands. My house is on the market.

No, you do not have to buy it! Just as an eaxample of how low the prices are in a suppositely high wage country. One euro is 1.65 NZ dollar. I can buy a 10.000 m2 lot here for € 40.000, all ready to go. Houses can be bought here for as low as € 20.000

  including the land. To be fair, rural and mostly in the east. But still, it is Germany. Appartements in Bremen, a huge town to the north from here, sell for 20-30 thousand euro. To build a brand spanking new house, according to the latest technology and energy demands you are out of pocket roughly € 120.000 for a 100m2 house. (without the land) All fees included. Materials are ten times better than the ones used in New Zealand. Everything double or tripple glazed. Trust me, I have worked as a builder. Now, if we hop over the border back to the Netherlands, it is totally different. Very high prices and a real estate market that is totally stuffed (pardon my French). It is so bad that most people have e negative equity and therefore cannot even sell their house, even if they want to. It all comes down to regulations put in place in the past that now get in the way. Thanks for your time. D. V. M   Breddenberg Germany

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