The $6Milllion Dollar Lawn

Auckland’s $6 million grass patch

A spectacular block of empty land overlooking Auckland is on the market with experts reckoning it will get around $6 million.
The Mt Albert property comes with history – it was owned by the man who made millions transforming the Chinese gooseberry in to kiwifruit.
The two lots with a combined 3400 square metres could, under the unitary plan, be used for four or five multi-million dollar homes.


Auckland property commentator Olly Newland says the price will come down to how much anyone is willing to pay.
A former state house on a 700 square metre section up Mt Albert sold for more than $1 million this year, he says.
The price will also depend on how many units the buyer gets consent to build on the site, Newland says.
“The sky’s the limit really. What anyone’s going to pay is the question.
“For a smaller section with a boring state house to go for that you just don’t know.”

Up Summit Drive, atop Mt Albert, has long been the semi-secret preserve of the Turner family, famous for Turners and Growers auctions and, more recently Turner Auctions. The vacant land, known to the Turners as “The Paddock” and in the family hands for 75 years, is just one of half a dozen family properties scattered around the peak and Owairaka Reserve.

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