Thanks Olly & Team

You have helped remove a load of pressure from our shoulders, and keep our sanity. It was a pleasure working with you and learning from you.
If we have any more problems going forward I will be in touch. I’m sure we would not have been successful without the help of Newland Burling and co.
We are grateful you where there when we needed help.
The day the bubble bursts has been a steadying influence for me  on our journey on the property ladder.

Best Regards,
D & J


Dear Newland Burling

Many thanks for your great assistance. We have bought our second investment property and it has increased in value a lot because of the advice you gave us .



June 2012

To whom it may concern

After experiencing being ripped off in a property transaction we decided to go to Olly for advice, and signed up for his 6 month mentoring program. What a god send!!

Ø We had a portfolio of about 14 income streams from properties when we first met Olly. He never told us to do anything. He supported us in understanding why it was appropriate to do certain things with certain properties. His advice was SPOT ON!!!!

Ø We had on previous occasions received advice that had been with hidden agendas, which did not include our best interests. Every bit of advice Olly gave us we experienced as authentically in our best interests.

Ø His depth of experience and understanding around property is phenomenal. He has the ability to see things that others just don’t pick up on. He has been there and done that!

Ø His ability to convey things simply is really helpful. He always made little comments that really put things in perspective.

Ø Due to illness we stopped dealing with property. We cashed some up, and got out of debt. We gave our money to ‘advisors’. And lost hugely!!! A couple of years ago we went to one of his talks and decided to do what he suggested. With his help we bought an apartment in a ‘5 star’ building that we have been told was one of the best buys made in the building. Olly was simply brilliant. We listened to what he said, and followed thru.

Ø He was always available. Or if not, got back to us shortly.

I have been tracking Olly’s comments for many years now. I cannot think of a time when he did not get it right. Even when most were seeing it very differently. Quite uncanny! He has vast experience, and really looks at things with great depth of understanding.

We are very grateful to Olly. If you want to get ahead, or get unbiased, useful advice, there is no one I can think of that comes close to him, or what he offers, in our experience. And we have been to a few. Best advice with the best results we have ever had.

You are welcome to get in touch if you have any questions.


Valli & Gramya



Dear Newland Burling & Co

With quite a few years’ experience of being involved in property investing, it could be said I was a reasonably experienced investor, but I was also aware that over that period
I has some expensive mistakes, and in reflection some of those decisions could have turned out differently if I had professional advice along the way.

I’m very pleased to say that your guidance and liaison with agents, negotiations, and reasoning, has meant using your firm was a great decision.
Newland Burling handled the process effectively and professionally and at arm’s length, using sound logic, and removing the emotional connection from my perspective.

I have no hesitation in recommending Newland Burling to my business associates

Ken L.
Dec 2014


Hi all,
Just a note to express my thanks to you for the wonderful help and support you have been to me over the last year.
I have been singing the praises of Newland Burling to all my friends who will listen.
I am off to Taupo to visit old friends and maybe look at some properties but I won’t do anything without consulting you!
Kind regards