Olly on the Auckland Unitary Plan

Olly Newland returned by invitation to interest.co.nz’s offices for an interview about his views of the controversial Auckland Unitary Plan — and advice to investors on how to respond.

A lot of the (negative) public reaction to the plan has focused on its vision of higher density housing and high rise apartments within parts of the existing city, rather than adding to unrestrained urban sprawl.

Watch the interview above and, if you’re interested (pardon the pun) interest.co.nz has a written summary of some of Olly’s main points here: Olly Newland on the Auckland Unitary Plan; ‘Buy up land that will have the densest zoning’

Interview: Hard assets are better than stocks…

Olly Newland interviewed by interest.co.nz’s Bernard Hickey about why hard assets such as property are better than ‘paper assets’ in an era of share market volatility and possible hyper-inflation.

from Bernard Hickey’s introduction at interest.co.nz:

“The share market is a den of thieves and is not for the small investor at all,” Newland said. “They’re tired of having their share portfolios messed around with and they’d like to get into something hard that they can see in the morning and is still there and has the same value from one day to the next.”

Interview: Housing affordability, commercial and residential influences

Olly Newland returns to the interest.co.nz studio for another interview on factors affecting the property market — this time canvassing a range of issues, starting with the just-announced ‘Productivity Commission’ investigation into housing affordability, then residential and commercial property influences …

Recorded 31 March 2011

Interview: Olly looks ahead on interest.co.nz

INTERVIEW: Property investor, author and consultant Olly Newland returns to interest.co.nz for an interview with financial journalist Bernard Hickey. He points to increasing confidence in the property market … and encourages investors with the ‘news’ that it’s possible to make money in a flat market, and discusses his own preference for retail properties…

Recorded 20 December 2010.

Olly interviewed on interest.co.nz

INTERVIEW: Property investor, author and consultant Olly Newland explains in this interview with Bernard Hickey of interest.co.nz why he prefers retail commercial property. He details how leases with shop owners can be renegotiated and how ‘ugly duckling’ buildings can be turned around. He also talks about how higher unemployment creates demand for retail spaces …