Pero sparks Real Estate agent ‘mini revolution’? Olly Newland comments

Agents offering cut-price deals, says real estate commentator NZ Herald 16 Feb 2011

Commentator Olly Newland wished Pero “the best of luck”, but said most agents were negotiable on their fees anyway – if homeowners were willing to speak up.
“Kiwis aren’t good at haggling – they usually get very embarrassed about it. I’m used to it, but that’s my game.
“The tricky bit is knowing whether to haggle at the beginning or when the pen is poised over the paper,” Newland said.

Pero slashes commissions on top home sales NZ Herald 17 Feb 2011

Property investor Olly Newland said the move could prove to be a “watershed” moment for the industry if Pero lasted the distance.
“All power to him if he can hang in there – he may have started a mini-revolution,” Newland said, adding that lower commission rates were common in many other countries.
Rival agents would be “gnashing their teeth” and “putting pins in their waxed dolls” upon hearing the news, Newland said.