Success Stories

Examples of Newland Burling & Co projects

Main street retail

This is a shopping centre which had previously been through two receiverships and was largely vacant at the time Newland Burling & Co was appointed. Newland Burling renegotiated with the few existing tenants and, using innovative marketing techniques, attracted new tenants to the shopping centre. It continues to manage the shopping centre to cement in the new tenants and implement ongoing improvements. In little over 12 months rents were doubled and the vacancy factor decreased dramatically. It is expected that rents will continue to increase with a corresponding increase in value.

Large property portfolio

This client has a $20m commercial and retail property portfolio, which had been neglected and was producing poor returns. Newland Burling & Co reviewed the existing arrangements — including out of date leases, rent levels, recovery of operating expenses, financing, and utilisation of space. Newland Burling undertook extensive lease negotiations with tenants to bring them up to market rates and improve client returns. The portfolio is now stable under Newland Burling’s ongoing management.

Under-performing property portfolio

This client is a part-time investor with a neglected $25m mixed residential and commercial portfolio. Poor funding arrangements and below market rents had seen the portfolio become cash flow negative. He sought Newland Burling & Co’s assistance to rectify this situation.
The work involved analysis of the portfolio, reviewing and re-structuring leases, reviewing best use of space, suitability of tenants and overall refinancing — all with one aim: to make the porfolio cash flow positive by increasing the value and yield of the previously under-performing holdings.

Lifestyle block subdivision

A part time property developer engaged in a $10m lifestyle block subdivision came under financial pressure and realised the project was beyond his capabilities. Newland Burling & Co worked quickly to negotiate with existing lenders and to find sources of suitable alternative finance. As part of this project Newland Burling took responsibility for overseeing aspects of the development. Newland Burling continues to work closely with the developer to ensure successful completion of the subdivision.

Imaginative leasing solution, retail

Tenants of a second tier retail space wanted to re-locate while their current lease still had a significant period to run. Efforts by real estate agents to find a suitable sub-tenant had proved fruitless and the client turned to Newland Burling & Co. Newland Burlng carried out an innovative high impact campaign to locate a suitable tenant for the space and did so successfully within a very short period.

Imaginative leasing solution, mixed use

A large, mixed use commercial property in Manukau City was still vacant after months of effort by local real estate agents. Newland Burling & Co launched an innovative marketing campaign which successfully attracted suitable tenants in a short period.

Poor performing retail and residential complex

This client purchased an under-performing retail and residential mixed used complex and appointed another firm to manage the investment on his behalf. After several months it became clear to the client that that firm had not been able to achieve any improvements. He appointed Newland Burling & Co to both manage and improve this property’s performance. Within a short time-frame, Newland Burling had turned this mixed-use property around and increased its value by 40 percent.

Investigations into Blue Chip Financial Services

In 2008 Olly Newland was approached by dissatisfied Blue Chip investors and was successful in obtaining refunds and settlement offers for a number of these investors. During the negotiations it became apparent that a full investigation and analysis was warranted. The Blue Chip scheme was revealed as a Ponzi scheme which would inevitably fail causing hardship to the naive and often elderly investors.
In due course, Mr Newland and his team issued more than one hundred Statutory Demands on behalf of clients against Blue Chip group companies — most of which were almost immediately placed into liquidation. For some time afterwards, Olly Newland continued to provide further assistance and evidence to the liquidators and various investigating authorities such as the Commerce Commission and Serious Fraud Office.

Troubleshooting and handling pressure

From leaky buildings to runaway tenants, from dealing with local authorities and Resource Management Act issues to keeping pressing creditors and lenders at bay, Newland Burling has the experience to help you deal with issues affecting property.

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