Smaller Industrial Units – Sales Results

Industrial units sell at similar prices, vacant or tenanted 8 July 2014  
2 small warehouse units in a cul-de-sac off Rosedale Rd on the North Shore – one vacant, the other with a tenant – sold at similar prices a square metre at Colliers International’s auction today. The vacant unit went for $1880/m² and the occupied unit went for $8/m² more. An Onehunga property, where 3 warehouses have been combined into one business unit, was passed in without a bid. 3B Henry Rose Place: Features: 241m² – 113m² warehouse, 128m² office & amenities, 6 parking spaces Rent: $30,000/year Outcome: sold for $455,000 at 6.6% yield, $1888/m² 3G Henry Rose Place: Features: 258m² – warehouse 138m², low-stud storage & workshop 52m², entry, stairs, amenities & office 68m², 7 parking spaces Rent: vacant Outcome: sold for $485,000 at $1880/m² 22 Patrick St: Onehunga Features: 1971m² site, established tenant in recently refurbished 1508m² of building – 1141m² in 3 adjoining warehouses, office & amenity 232m², storage 47m², canopy 85m² Rent: $154,844/year net, 3% annual Outcome: passed in at vendor’s bid of $2 million Attr
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