Chilly Bins For Homes?

Is this really the future?

Will our main centres become ant hills of over crowded chilly bins?

Surely with a country the size of Japan but with a population no bigger than a mid size city overseas it seems totally non-sensical.

Is this New Zealand the way we want it to be?

What do you think?


Households are shrinking, property prices soaring and city land is running out — so why do our homes keep getting bigger? With Auckland set to house an extra million people in the next 30 years, Heather McCracken looks at an emerging trend towards compact living.

Welcome to your new home. Step inside the flexible living space, which converts into an extra bedroom for guests and a home office during the week.

The two bedrooms also morph into multi-use spaces as needed – an office, a TV room, a studio or workroom. The walls are double insulated against the sound of the high-speed trains passing nearby, and the big, north-facing windows provide passive solar heating.

There’s no garage but you can hire a car just down the street and park your bike in the lock-up.
That aroma? Your neighbours are firing up a welcome barbecue down in the communal courtyard. Grab a lettuce from the rooftop garden for a salad and tuck in.

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