Rents Rise Steadily

Just imagine what will happen if the Aussie economy weakens ( as it is doing) and Kiwis start coming home.  There are around 500,000 Kiwis in Aussie. If just 10% return there will be chaos.



Ben Garfitt and Sophie Hamlett are happy with their home.
Photo / Natalie Slade

By Amelia Wade
Aug 16, 2012

Rents are slowly increasing, although the pool of prospective tenants has shrunk because of people buying their first home or moving overseas, an expert says.

The median price for rental houses in July rose in most Auckland suburbs compared with the same month last year, according to figures analysed by Crockers Property.

The biggest leap was for a four-bedroom house in Ponsonby, where the median price rose 31 per cent, from $720 a week to $945, in a year.

But Crockers’ marketing manager, Kim Sinclair, said the large increase could be put down to how the figures were analysed, even though there was a general trend of

increasing rents.


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