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Published 11 August 2011

Bob Dey Report
Supplied by Colliers International


Mairangi Bay

39 Apollo Drive, unit 6, 97m² vacant office unit, sold to a family trust for an undisclosed amount (Nick Recordon & Janet Marshall)

41 Arrenway Drive, 997m² industrial unit with 6 year lease, sold to New Britain Catholic Investment Ltd for $2.39 million (Shoneet Chand & Matt Prentice)

North Harbour

9-11 Rothwell Avenue, unit 1, 322m² Industrial unit, sold to Hawkway Investments Ltd for $580,500 with current lease still in place (Josh Coburn & Matt Prentice)

Wairau Valley

149 Sunnybrae Rd, 322m² vacant industrial unit, sold by NZ international Yachting Trust Inc to 2 family trusts for an undisclosed amount (Josh Coburn & Matt Prentice)

8 Silverfield, 675m² vacant industrial unit, sold to Lamz Services Ltd for $870,000 (Matt Prentice & Jimmy O’Brien)



1 Schnapper Rock Rd, part unit 2, 95m² retail unit, leased to P-Com NZ Ltd for 6 years, net rent $49,600/year (Janet Marshall)

Mairangi Bay

28 Canaveral Drive, unit D, 60m² office unit with 313m² warehouse, leased by Larevanac Investments to NZ Waterworks LLC Ltd for 2 years, net rent $53,000/year (Matt Prentice, Ryan de Zwart & Jonty Lamb)

North Harbour

5 Lovell Court, 1700m² industrial/office unit, leased by Apollo Drive Ltd to Miles Nelson Ltd for 8 years, net rent $271,500/year (Josh Coburn & Andrew Hiskens)

10 Rothwell Ave, 10,217m² industrial/office unit, Unitec for 2 years, net rent $1,229,287/year (Ryan de Zwart, Jimmy O’Brien & Deborah Dowling)

2/34 Tarndale Grove, 314m² warehouse/office unit, leased to Polished Concrete Ltd for 2.3 years, net rent $40,000/year (Ryan de Zwart & Jimmy O’Brien)


13 Barrys Point Rd, Studio 6, 86m² office unit, leased to Pure Productions Ltd for an undisclosed net rental (Nick Recordon & Mike Ryan)

159 Hurstmere Rd, 260m² office unit, leased to Legacy Corp Ltd for 2.6 years, net rent $59,372/year (Janet Marshall)


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