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It always surprises me that “news” is often just a repeat of what has gone before. Property Finders have been around for decades, sometimes simply being real estate agents doing their job, and sometimes individuals or companies who specialise in “finding” properties.

The one area of property finding which you should be wary of, is where the “finder” gets a secret commission from both the buyer and the seller which is a serious “no-no”

My company, Newland Burling & Co advises many clients on which might be the right property for them, by analysing anything they may be interested in whether it be residential or industrial . Alternatively we analyse a clients current portfolio and recommend changes or improvements whether it be buying more, selling some or all, refinancing, subdivision, management, tenancy problems etc

Frustrated buyers turn to expert house-hunters
By Nikki Preston
Sep 5, 2012

Some time-strapped house-hunters frustrated by Auckland’s booming housing market are turning to expert services to secure their property investments.
A growing number of buyers are cutting the stress of house-hunting by employing buyer’s agents to handle the entire sale process.
While estate agents make their money by working on the seller’s behalf, a buyer’s agent is paid by and works solely for the buyer.
Auckland-based Erskine+Owen, which specialises in finding and negotiating properties for buyers, has doubled its client base in the past eight to 12 months as people compete for houses.

Erskine+Owen director Alan Henderson said the company was dealing with between 50 and 100 clients a week.
About half the clients were overseas investors and there had been a huge increase in the number of first-home buyers wanting help.
“It’s mainly people that are time poor and don’t have the expertise and don’t have the information,” Mr Henderson said.
The company charges about $11,000 for a comprehensive package which includes arranging finance, telling clients where to buy, finding properties and negotiating.

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One thought on “Property Finders Back In The News

  1. “Mr Cuttriss used a buyer’s agent to purchase his first rental property in Glendene last year and a second in Otahuhu this year, paying between $300,000 and $400,000 for each.”

    Glendene & Otahuhu…. $300k to $400k…. tragic….

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