Not Enough Consents By Far

Len Brown, Auckland’s mayor, speaking at an event to mark the start of construction of Brickworks, Auckland’s latest apartment development, at Hobsonville Point this morning, said he expected about 7000 new homes to be consented in the region this year

Len Brown is in la-La land if he thinks that 7000 consents will do anything to alleviate the housing shortage.
Consents are one thing, actual builds are another. It’s doubtful if half the consents will end up as houses or apartments actually on the ground.

Furthermore how many houses are demolished each year?  It is very common for a house to be pulled down and replaced with two new ones, so the net gain is not two, but one.

On top of that Auckland’s population is increasing by over 22,000 people per annum so the around 8500 new houses will be needed just to stand still.

“Over the past five years the Auckland region’s population has increased by an average 22,600 people a year…”


Until Auckland actually builds around 15,000 houses per year, every year for years, will there be any chance to ever catch up.

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