Rental properties will have to meet a set of minimum standards under rules to be unveiled by the Government next month.
The move will stop short of a full “warrant of fitness” for rentals but is aimed at ensuring all tenants have a safe and healthy home to live in, Government sources confirmed

(Herald 1929)




That is likely to include a requirement for insulation, although sources said there was still work to be done to set any standards at a practical level. It is due to be announced next month by Building and Housing Minister Nick Smith, along with an assessment of a warrant of fitness trial in state houses, and would apply to all rentals both private and public.

The signal comes in the wake of a coroner’s finding last week that the death of Emma-Lita Bourne from a brain haemorrhage could partly be blamed on the poor condition of the state house she lived in. The family had been provided with a heater but could not afford to put it on.

However, a full warrant of fitness has been rejected by the Government as too difficult to police and requiring regular “rechecks” that would hike compliance


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