New: ‘Portfolio Tune up’

If you’re not getting the results you want from your investment properties – or, worse, if you feel you’re going backwards – it’s time to get a Portfolio Tune up.

Veteran investor Olly Newland and his expert team help property investors to really succeed, to troubleshoot problems, and to rejuvenate their cash flow … helping them sleep easy.

Let Authorised Financial Advisor Olly Newland and his team of property investment experts give your portfolio a totally independent ‘health check’. They’ll make impartial recommendations specific to your situation, and then assist you to implement a plan to turn your portfolio around.

Newland Burling & Co tackle the full range of problems: tenancy issues, vacancies, refinancing, expansion and portfolio restructuring. This highly valuable (and confidential) service is used by investors large and small – from those with modest residential holdings to multi-million dollar commercial/industrial/retail landlords; from apartment renovators to those carrying out rural subdivisions.

“From industrial to residential, from retail to subdivisions. Different properties and projects generate different problems – which require different approaches to solve them. Our Portfolio Tune up gives you options and control.” — Olly Newland, investor, best-selling author and Authorised Financial Advisor

What others say …

“Olly’s team quickly analysed my portfolio and identified the problems which I hadn’t been able to see. They then proposed a course of action which made complete sense and implemented it rapidly. I have gone from negative cash flow to positive cash flow in less than 6 months.” – Residential property investor

“My commercial property portfolio was suffering an increasing level of vacancies and real estate agents just weren’t making any headway. I contacted Carl and Olly and they immediately launched an innovative leasing campaign. Within 3 months I saw vacancies start to decrease and now I am nearly fully tenanted again. I am sleeping much better as a result!” – Commercial property investor

For more information, and to arrange a no-obligation initial consultation, contact Olly and his team directly using this contact form or Phone: 0800 34 24 12