Much Ado About Nothing


“Significant concerns”. Piffle.

If the vendor wants to sell in one day, or one hour it’s no body’s business but the vendors. By the sound of it the vendor was quite capable of making their own minds up in any event.

If I got an offer on a property within a day or two of it going on the market, and I was happy with it, nobody’s going to tell me otherwise.

I recall selling a block of flats after just mentioning I might sell. The agent had a very acceptable unconditional  offer in front of me within 60 minutes and they settled 3 days later. Had anyone gone “tut  tut” about the deal I would have told them where to put it.

If you get an offer that is acceptable, and you’ve done your homework beforehand- then go for it and ignore the busy bodies and know alls.

Home’s quick flick draws official warning
By Anne Gibson
Saturday Aug 10, 2013

A house was auctioned for more than $1 million just a day after being listed for sale – drawing an official warning about Auckland’s pressure-cooker housing market.

Ads on and Trade Me showed the two-bedroom house at 4 Seacombe Rd, Pt Chevalier, was listed only on Wednesday yet it was auctioned at 4pm on Thursday.

A spokeswoman for the Real Estate Agents Authority in Wellington said the situation raised “significant concerns”.

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