More good news

Considering where we are, and where we have come from, this is good news indeed.
Once the wheels start turning they tend to turn faster and faster.

The article below shows yet more evidence that New Zealand has come through the GFC in better shape than many other countries.
The news that banks are cutting their lending rates even further can only add to the momentum.
Have you taken advantage of the improving market? If not — why not?

Property back “in the money”

Chris Hutching | Friday 11 May 2012
National Business Review

Property returns overall are back in the black.

The Property Council provides an index measuring performance across office, retail and industrial property sectors.
The index measure income returns (rents) as well capital returns (rises or falls in value).

For the first time in three years the index shows the first positive capital annual growth of 0.2%, although income returns have been positive for some time.
This mirrors the performance of listed property stocks which have shown stable or very small devaluations of their portfolios in recent months.

The total return across all the sectors shows income returns of 8.2%, which, when added to the 0.2% capital return, provides a combined 8.4% annual return.
This is still shy of the average 10% total returns in the years leading up to 2008.

source: NBR

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