Market Mood Improves

Even the po-faced RB has to admit that the property market is improving. If you are thinking about investing then there is no time to waste.

Markets can be fickle – both ways.

They can go flat rapidly and they can rocket up just as rapidly.

Dithering is the enemy of all investors.

Many jump in just as the party is almost over.

Don’t let that be you.


Growing number of NZers expecting house price rises over coming year, led by those in Auckland, Christchurch, RBNZ survey shows

People in Auckland and Christchurch are more bullish than other Kiwis in expecting house prices to rise, new polling by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand shows.

The central bank’s house price expectations survey which has been running since the June 2011 quarter, shows a growing amount of New Zealanders are expecting house prices to rise over the coming year, although many expect that the rise to be eaten into by general inflation. Correspondingly, fewer were expecting house price falls over the coming year, compared with a year ago.

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