Market Heating Up- Chances Running Out

The old truth is proven yet again: “He who hesitates is lost”

If ever you want to make some real money then now is the time to start. I cannot count the number of times that people have come to see me to discuss how to get into the property market, all of them as keen as mustard, only then to get cold feet and fall back into mediocrity once again.

The chance to make a real change to your life only comes a few times in any life time. The present property market is offering that chance to anyone with the gumption to grasp the opportunities offered.

The current upsurge in prices will not last for ever. Don’t become one of those who do nothing but spend the rest of their lives regretting what might have been had they only taken the trouble to find out.

It’s not too late. Pick up the phone or email me through the contact form on this site and to find out more. There is no obligation just to have chat by phone, email or at my office.

Soon it will be 2013. Is it going to be more of the same old drudge for you?

Or will 2013 be the year for making real progress and gaining real security?



Owners rake in the cash
By Kirsty Wynn
Sunday Nov 18, 2012

Heated market sees an auction boom in Auckland and Christchurch

The number of houses going to auction has rocketed in the same way it did at the 2008 peak, as home owners cash in during a desperate scramble by buyers.

The switch to a sellers’ market has been sudden and dramatic with home owners in desirable areas trying for top dollar with competitive buyers.

The heat in the market has pushed record prices even higher in Auckland and Christchurch where a short supply has put some houses under the hammer for around $300,000 over their most recent CVs.

Auctions had increased by 37 per cent on last year at Harcourts and other agencies also reported growth.

Harcourts chief executive Hayden Duncan said main centres outside Auckland and Christchurch were less affected.

“There are some owners in Auckland and Christchurch who have been holding off for a good time to sell and that time is now,” Duncan said

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Phil Holden and daughter Lila outside their home in Mark Rd, Mt Albert that sold at auction recently.

Photo / Doug Sherring

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