Net migration turnaround rises to 18,450/year

The net inflow of migrants continued to rise in September as the number of immigrants rose while the number of emigrants declined. The turnaround for the year was 18,454 – net immigration of 15,174 in the latest year compared to a net outflow of 3284 the previous year. The turnaround in the August year was 16,966. For the month of September, the net inflow was 4194 – 8428 in, 4234 out. The number arriving from Australia rose by 3900 to 18,108 for the year, while exits to Australia fell by more than 10,000 to 43,411, cutting the net outflow by 14,000, from 39,520 to 25,303. The net outflow of New Zealanders was just under 40,000 in the September 2012 year, but a rise of 3200 returns to 25,560, plus a 7700 decline in exits to 52,217, reduced the net outflow to 26,657. Non-citizen arrivals continued to rise, by 4400 to 65,627, while departures fell by1200 to 23,796 for a net gain in new immigrants of 41,831.

(Bob Dey)

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