It’s All About Position

As we all know “position” matters.  In the article below from NBR the author provides an insight into the manner in which one event can lead to another to the advantage of the astute.

When researching  a property, not only should you look at the property as it is, but its surroundings and what the future may bring.

It does work both ways. A property may be sited where future events could drive up prices. Equally bad trends can do just the opposite.

It is vital that you do your homework thoroughly before making any commitment.

Railway extension may drive up Parnell property prices
Conor O’Brien Tuesday November 29, 2011 |

A railway extension could could see Parnell property prices increase significantly.

Auckland Transport wants an extension of a railway designation into the Auckland Domain to allow tracks to be lowered for electrification and the construction of a Parnell station.

The work will take place between the Parnell tunnel and the bridge over Parnell rise.

The extension is for a 538-metre strip of land alongside the existing rail line covering an area of 2954 sq m and will enable electric trains to travel the rail. The project has a target completion date of September 2013, which would coincide with the arrival of new trains Auckland Transport’s rail improvement project director Nick Seymour says.

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