Interview: Housing affordability, commercial and residential influences

Olly Newland returns to the studio for another interview on factors affecting the property market — this time canvassing a range of issues, starting with the just-announced ‘Productivity Commission’ investigation into housing affordability, then residential and commercial property influences …

Recorded 31 March 2011

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3 thoughts on “Interview: Housing affordability, commercial and residential influences

  1. kia ora, mr olly newland n mr bernard hickey, simple fee or free hold ownership n land, was built n greed n power, its a simple form of makn sure that its possible 2 sit n ur backside n live of the backs of others, mr norman kirk our prime minister n the 70s informed aotearoa tangata whenua trust, that multi level marketn n franchise n pyramid selln is a form of livn of the backs of human beings, its all about profit n margin in 2days society, lets wait n see how our new aotearoa party, mr hone harawira introduces written constitutional law n policy 4 all our kiwi people livn here n aotearoa, thanku 4 ur co-operation, arohanui naki bell whanau

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