Interest Rates Tumble

The chances of an interest rate rise in the foreseeable future look less and less likely . Dr Bollard must be chewing the carpet as all his warnings and finger waging are for naught.

Property buyers can remain confident in the knowledge  that they can invest without any interest rate shocks spoiling the fun . I have had some emails from investors who think the world is coming to an end  and should they bail out or what?  I tell them that in my life time I have seen far worse crises, and if you doubt my words ask your grand parents what they have lived through.

Investors must harden up and get some steel down their back bones.  We will muddle through  as usual – I have no doubt about that.



Posted in News September 29, 2011 – 05:13pm, Gareth Vaughan

Kiwibank drops its two and three year home loan interest rates to bring them in line with those offered by ASB and Westpac

Kiwibank is trimming 10 basis points off its two-year fixed-term home loan interest rate and 20 basis points off its three-year fixed rate, bringing them into line with the two and three year rates advertised by ASB and Westpac.

The rate changes, effective from Friday (September 30), bring Kiwibank’s two-year rate down to 6.3% and three-year rate down to 6.70%.

The state owned bank has left all its other home loan rates, including its 5.65% variable, or floating, rate unchanged.

The Kiwibank cuts bring its three year rate in line with ASB and Westpac as the lowest three-year rate advertised by banks, but the 6.30% two-year rate offered by Kiwibank, ASB, and Westpac, is slightly higher than TSB’s 6.28%.

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