Inner City Apartments -They are Not All The Same

Under siege in inner city

Sunday Sep 14, 2014


Tensions boil over between tenants.

Residents at these Imperial Gardens Apartments complain of intimidating behaviour by Housing NZ occupants.
Owners of inner-city apartments believe their buildings are being used as “halfway homes” by Housing New Zealand – leaving them scared to use lifts, foyers and facilities.
An increasing number of long-term homeless, drug and alcohol users and people on home detention are now living in central Auckland after the government agency increased it’s apartment stock last year. The policy has not been well received by some private tenants.
Body corporate members say maintenance fees are now used to pay security guards and to repair damage. “Unfortunately, Housing NZ is putting people here who need support and should be somewhere else,” one owner told the Herald on Sunday.
“They need mental healthcare or drug rehabilitation support and cannot cope with shared living of apartment life. We are being used as a halfway home.”
Housing NZ owns or leases 267 apartments in central Auckland. In some buildings it has reached its limit of 15 per cent.

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