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3News 10 July 2012: "Property boom on the horizon - expert"

In my latest debate with Bernard Hickey of on 20th June we agreed and disagreed on the way the property market was performing by looking at the facts and questioning what the facts mean.  There is a saying which goes that the longer you can look back in history, the longer you can look into the future. From my 50 years in the market, I have seen much what has been happening before, Crisis, falling prices, booms, busts, recessions, collapses, jail time for white collar crooks, you name it I’ve seen it.

What is new are lower interest rates at levels I have never seen in NZ before.  This fact alone is changing the landscape for borrowers and lenders alike. We are now in a “new normal” which is yet to play out in full.

Have a look at the interview  and send me your comments.

INTERVIEW: Olly talks with Bernard Hickey on the outlook for property.

Olly Newland returns to the studio to share his views of the outlook for property (click to watch video)

INTERVIEW Olly Newland interviewed by’s Bernard Hickey about why hard assets such as property are better than ‘paper assets’ in an era of share market volatility and possible hyper-inflation.

Sharing his experience, Aug 2011. Olly Newland discusses the flight from 'paper' to 'hard assets' (Click to watch video)


INTERVIEW: Long time investor and best-selling author Olly Newland is interviewed by Empower Education’s Peter Aranyi about the latest events in global markets — and gives his views on how local investors should respond.
AUGUST 2011 - World financial markets react with turmoil due to the US credit rating downgrade and sovereign debt crisis — shedding value and displaying a nerve-wracking volatility that makes many question their investment strategies. What is the way forward? How will these world events affect our local property market? How should investors react — and how should YOU react?

Olly Newland has lived through many such troubled times. While Olly would never say he ‘knows it all’, in this 13 minute audio interview he outlines his view of the current financial crisis, he discusses the ‘change in the times’ brought on by this increased market volatility, what it heralds, and suggests what steps you could take to protect yourself.

Olly Newland interview – How to respond to the financial crisis

INTERVIEW: Olly Newland returns to the studio for an interview on factors affecting the property market — this time canvassing a range of issues, starting with the just-announced ‘Productivity Commission’ investigation into housing affordability, then residential and commercial property influences … including the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake …

Straight-talking. Olly's Mar 2011 Interview with Bernard Hickey (click to watch)

LIVE recording

Hear Olly Newland LIVE recording: MARKET UPDATE 2011 – History in the making.

INTERVIEW: Property investor, author and consultant Olly Newland returns to for an interview with financial journalist Bernard Hickey. He points to increasing confidence in the property market … and encourages investors with the ‘news’ that it’s possible to make money in a flat market, and discusses his own preference for retail properties…

Olly looks forward. Dec 2010 Interview with Bernard Hickey (click to watch)

Olly Newland interviewed by Bernard Hickey - Aug 2010 (click to watch video)

Olly Newland speaking to a group of investors at a recent Empower Education event.

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