Housing Shortage A Myth


Day after day we are fed with breathless stories, that we have a “housing crisis” such as the story below. And just like the story below there are no facts, no data. no proof whatsoever. It seems that some people  want to make an election issue out of the “crisis” and will do so no matter what.

For 95% of the population there is no “crisis”. There is a problem for one specific type of buyer and that is the first home buyer and that has always been so.

The Labour Party and Greens promise to build 100,000 “affordable” houses at $300,000 each if they get into power. Is this really necessary?

At this very moment there are over 30,000 properties for sale on Trademe at under $300,000 and if bought would provide one third of the so called affordable houses in one fell swoop . No waiting, just walk right in and start living

For instance a few specific areas include Auckland where there are almost 3000 properties for sale on Trademe at under $300,000. In the Waikato and the Bay of Plenty another 3000.  Hawkes bay has over 1000 and Wellington almost 2000. In Otago almost 3000, in Canterbury  3500, and Marlborough and Nelson another 1000.

Press the button on properties under $400,000 and the total available figure in Auckland alone leaps to almost 5000 and up to $500,000 well over 6000 properties available.

This is the time for reality to be explored and publicised not just emotional stories based on vague stories and guesswork. It’s a time to get serious about the subject and get the facts on the table. Only then can we really see if there is a crisis or not.

Exodus warning by house seekers


The Government should step in and do more to help New Zealanders into homes or else face an increasing exodus of people heading over the Tasman or further afield, say those struggling on the property ladder.

Reserve Bank governor Graeme Wheeler last week held the official cash rate at 2.5 per cent but fired a warning shot at rising house prices.

Wheeler pointed out that house price inflation had increased, and said the central bank was keeping a close eye on that.

House prices rose 6.7 per cent last year, according to the Real Estate Institute’s Housing Price Index.

According to a Sunday Star-Times nationwide reader poll, 65 per cent of respondents said the “housing crisis” was a critical issue with 58 per cent that the Government should take steps to help people into home ownership.

“When I moved here from the United Kingdom I thought New Zealand was a better place to live,” said one respondent. “I was so wrong, people cannot afford to get on the housing ladder here and they need to be able to.”

Many said if New Zealand did not become more affordable people would continue to leave for Australia or the United Kingdom.

The sentiment largely centred around Auckland and Christchurch where up to 90 per cent believed the issue to be critical.



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2 thoughts on “Housing Shortage A Myth

  1. Some of the figures used are a bit misleading – for example “…Auckland where there are almost 3000 properties for sale on Trademe at under $300,000″ – most of these are one or two bedroom houses. As soon as you search for 3 bedroom or more the figure drops to 812. Additionally if you browse through the properties available, a substantial number of them are actually over $300,000 (Trademe seems to include these even if you stipulate under $300,000).

  2. Not everyone needs or can afford a three bedroom house. First home buyers may have to be content with a lesser property. Eitherway getting onto the property ladder should be of highest priority.

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