House Prices Nearly 14% Above Peak & Climbing

NZ house prices climbing
Friday Jun 6, 2014

House values across the Auckland region as a whole increased 2.6 per cent over the past three months, says QV. Photo / NZ Herald
Auckland house values rose 2.6 per cent in the last three months, according to the latest monthly QV Residential Price Movement Index and it is around the heart of the city that prices are going up fastest.

“Auckland City Central is the leader in terms of value rises over the past three months up 4.7 per cent, followed by Rodney Hibiscus Coast where values increased by 3.8 per cent and then North Shore coastal which is up 3.6% per cent,” QV said.

“The Auckland region as a whole has increased 2.6% over the past three months,” QV said.

Nationally, house values last month rose 8.2 per cent over the past year, and 0.7 per cent over the past three months.

“This means they are now 13.9 per cent above the previous market peak of late 2007. When adjusted for inflation the nationwide annual increase drops slightly to 6.6% and values remain below the 2007 peak by 2.2 per cent,” QV said.


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