Housing Crisis Looms In Auckland

Do you know that an extra 113,000 people needs approximately 30,000 new houses?
Nothing like that number has been built in Auckland in the same period.
There can only be one result = pressure on the housing market and rising rents.

Published 26 October 2011

Bob Dey Report

New Zealand’s population rose by 220,700 over the past 5 years, and more than half of that increase – 113,000 – was in Auckland.

Statistics NZ produced firm sub-national figures for 2010 and provisional estimates for the June 2011 year. They include the first population estimates since the September 2010 Canterbury earthquake.

Statistics NZ calculated the Auckland population rose by 22,200/year from 2006-10, and by 24,000 in the last year, maintaining a 1.6% growth rate. That took Auckland’s population from 1.373 million in 2006 to 1.486 million (provisional) this year.

The national growth rate over the first 4 years was 1.1% (45,800/year), falling to 0.9% (37,500) in the last year. The national population rose from 4,184,600 in 2006 to 4,405,300.

Canterbury grew by 6400/year (1.2%) in the first 4 years, then fell by 5000 (-0.9%) in the last year. Christchurch City’s population fell a net 8900 in the last year (a net 10,600 exiting, partly offset by a net 1700 natural increase).

Apart from the districts around Christchurch growing through dispersal of the quake-affected population, Queenstown-Lakes was the country’s biggest percentage growth centre, up 3.6% over the first 4 years at 920/year, slipping to 3.2% in the last year (900). That took its population from 24,100 in 2006 to 28,700.

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