Independent, Professional Property Advice & Management

Newland Burling & Co is a property consultancy firm specialising in troubleshooting and advising on all aspects of property investing.

We help you achieve the best possible performance from your investment property portfolio. Our aim is to create better capital growth and rental returns.

Partners Olly Newland and Carl Burling and their team have assisted many clients in resolving property-related issues. We have advised on and handled the full range of property transactions.

The company was founded by veteran property investor and Authorised Financial Advisor Olly Newland along with experienced and successful property investor Carl Burling after a period of being in partnership together.

Property investors, developers, mortgagees and a range of other clients have chosen to use us for the following reasons…

•  Our in-house skills
•  Our depth of experience
•  Our independence from real estate agents, banks and other service providers who may have conflicts of interest

A wide variety of projects has been undertaken including advising on subdivisions, general and specific investment advice, due diligence, on-sales, property management, and tenant recruitment for difficult-to-rent or distressed properties. Portfolio restructuring is also another company specialty.

We specialise in finding solutions and providing advice on all investment property matters.

Residential Property Investors
We have used our knowledge and expertise to assist hundreds of property investors – both beginners and long-time professionals – in buying, selling, managing and improving real estate.

Commercial Property Investors
We work with commercial property investors and landlords who wish to improve rentals, update or re-organise leases, or simply acquire or dispose of their investments in order to improve their investment portfolios.

The principals Olly Newland and Carl Burling are investors who have substantial hands-on experience managing their own properties. As a result they are able to give first hand advice based on what they have learnt over the years.

All advice is given from a totally independent and unbiased position – we are not real estate agents, have no alliance to any of the real estate companies, or any other conflicts of interest.

We believe independent advice and effective management is vital to the long term success of any property investment.

On this website you will find examples of the work we have done under “Success Stories” and current news and opinion under “Articles”. Details of our consulting and mentoring programmes are here: ”Mentoring” and here “Portfolio Tune-up” and “Kick Start Property Coaching“.

Contact us through this contact form or see our Q&A section where you can ask a question for public reply.

Please take your time to explore this website – we hope you find it informative and useful.

Best wishes,
Olly Newland & Carl Burling
Newland Burling & Co Ltd

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