Home Ownership Fades (or how to fill a page on a slow news week)


It doesn’t seem to occur to this researcher than many people prefer to rent to have a freer life style and less ties. This is now quite common overseas as the advance of technology and ease of travel make home ownership burdensome for many.

Saturday Jan 24, 2015
Dream fading for many as ownership in some regions tipped to fall below 50%
Future home ownership rates are looking sombre.

Many of today’s middle-aged and young people face the prospect of never owning a house, as a study warns that home ownership rates could drop below half in some parts of New Zealand within 20 years.

The research – the first long-term regional analysis by age using 2013 census data – shows home ownership rates in some regional household types have plunged by more than 40 percentage points since ownership peaked at 73.8 per cent in 1991.

It traces ownership rates by age group, showing for example that the home ownership rate for Aucklanders born in 1961-66 peaked at 65.3 per cent in 2006, when they were aged 40 to 44, and slipped back slightly to 64.6 per cent by 2013, when they were aged 45 to 49.




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