Home consent number up 22% on previous year

All consents worth 64% more than 3 years ago
Monday 1 December 2014

Building consents for new homes climbed back above the 2000 mark in November after slipping just below in September – 5 months above 2000 then September at 1985, rising to 2152 in October.

Consents for the October year were up 21.7% on the previous year to 24,363, but Statistics NZ said on Friday the trend was downward. The annual consent level exceeded 20,000 for the first time in 5 years in October last year.

There were 179 apartment consents in October and the number for the year has almost doubled, from 1714 to 3309.

Auckland housing consents were well above a year ago, up from 476 to 591, but the latest tally has been beaten 5 times this year. For the October year, 7481 consents were issued in Auckland, up 32% from 5690 the previous year.


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