Gold Or Property?

I wonder if Mr Brinkerhoff, (who is so critical of gold as a store house of value) would like to ask all those who lost billions in the collapse of “safe” finance companies whether they would have bought gold as an alternative had they had the chance?


Investing in gold – the currency of fear



For thousands of years, human beings have had a primal attraction to gold.

With a powerful magnetism cultivated via legends, mythology and bloody conquest, gold inspires awe like nothing else.

And though it’s been at least 40 years since our monetary systems were based on the otherwise unremarkable metal, some of us are finding it hard to shake off the allure of the shiny stuff.

Last year, the price of an ounce of gold soared to new heights of US$1889. In 2001, it was trading at US$271.

But as dazzling as that ascent may be, it holds no sway over Ben Brinkerhoff, general manager of Bradley Nuttall financial advisers.

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