Q&A: Full-time investing?

I am one your fans and have read your few books and almost all your columns. I am determined to become a property investor early next year as we are currently running a small shop in rural area. It will be me alone with 50-80k cash to start with and without any other assets for security purposes because my partner is very conservative of investing.
My question is this: Should I go to property investing full time straightway or should I acquire another business so that there is strong cash flow to support my property investing?

Regards, Rhett

Dear Rhett
With the money you will have available you will find it hard to pay the everyday bills and invest at the same time. I suggest you find a job either part- or full-time that allows you maximum freedom to get about and learn all about the subject e.g. real estate salesperson, taxi driver etc.
Better still. as soon as possible get a good mentor like me to assist you to speed the process up.


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  1. Hi Olly,

    Read your books many times-big fan. Have started late (36) now but bought my first home 3 years ago. I’ve started my own business (boatbuilding) to free up my time when I start investing. At the moment I am working 6-7 days a week to clear debt and put some equity in my home. Also buying old yachts and restoring to sell and make a profit. I’m hoping this time next year to try and buy my first rental- hopefully the first of many. Am I going about this the right way? The way I see it I need to clear excess debt (small personal loan and tax) before I would be comfortable starting. It small debt (all up $30,000). Thanks

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