Free Information Evening-Commercial Property

TUESDAY 20th SEPTEMBER 6.30 – 7.30 pm
This information evening is designed for a small group of up to only 12 persons as an introduction on how to invest in commercial property

This Masters Course in Commercial Property has been especially designed for those who wish to learn and invest in commercial property (e.g. shops, offices, factories etc) where the yields are far in excess of residential property and the chances of capital gain are the same or better.

Many commercial properties can be purchased for same price as a residential property so are well within the reach of the average investor.
We believe commercial property is in the early stages of a long-term growth cycle. Increased demand from residential investors seeking higher yields, immigrants starting businesses, and local businesses expanding have started to fuel an upward trend in the commercial market.

The commercial property cycle runs at a different speed and frequency to the residential cycle and is now past its recovery phase and into the early stages of a boom.

Now is the time to invest in commercial property before it becomes the next boom market. This process won’t happen overnight, but will play out over the coming years. Those starting now will enjoy the more profitable deals, while those late to the party will find it more difficult to achieve similar results.

The Commercial Property Masters Program is for investors who are new to commercial property investing and want to equip themselves for success in this field.

To have a no-obligation chat contact us through
Contact through the contact page on our website
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A 12-month program designed to give you an individualised strategy and knowledge to kickstart your commercial property investing journey and help you achieve your financial goals.

Stage 1: Setup (Analysis, Plan & Education)
• Obtain relevant information to develop and assess your overall financial position • Assess your risk profile • Explore and confirm your short-term and long-term goals • Obtain relevant information on your current properties • Assess current loan structures • Analyse and critique your existing portfolio and financial position • Prepare and discuss with you an investment strategy and action plan to achieve your goals • Assist with ownership structures if required • Books, resources and training seminars to help you understand the nuances of commercial property ownership and leasing strategies.

Stage 2: Implementation
Consulting services to help you implement your investment plan. Includes…
• Property finding advice • Desktop due diligence on potential acquisitions • 7-day access to the Newland Burling team • Quarterly evening functions.

“We would have made terrible mistakes without them, seriously. They do know what they’re talking about.”
- Ivan Morris

“There are property mentorship programmes that you pay a lot more for so we were comfortable with the price. A lot of people would think it was a huge amount of money whereas for us the property we bought for $1.5 million is now worth about $2.1 to $2.2 million in a year. We made a lot of money from it. And we wouldn’t have bought that property had we not done the program. What we paid pales in comparison to what we made.”
- Elizabeth Moore


To have a no-obligation chat contact us through
Contact through the contact page on our website
or call: 0800 5224939 or 0800 522622 or 021931949

PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested you should be aware that commercial property should not be confused with residential property. The rules and regulations that the Reserve Bank has announced over the past year or two do NOT apply to commercial. There are no LVR rules from the RB for commercial. There is no Tenancy Tribunal to interfere with your rights, and no limitation on bonds. Commercial tenants usually pay all outgoings such as rates, insurance water etc and almost always internal repairs and management fees. Most commercial tenancies have proper leases which fully set out the rights and obligations of all parties and these need careful analysis. As Authorised Financial Advisers we are able to give you personal financial advice on all your financial affairs to ensure that you get the best opportunities to get ahead.

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