CV’s Out Of Date




Just sold and pictured here is an old apartment built in the 1960′s being one of five. Needing total renovation, limited views, with 2 bedrooms, a single garage that would have difficulty housing a scooter, and with a lift that was so small a cat would have had an attack of claustrophobia it sold at an eye stretching $911,000. Why was this? the answer is because it is situated at the top of one of Auckland’s swankiest streets, Victoria Ave Remuera. The CV?-$690,000 ( 2011). All credit to Rob Ashton of Bayleys who marketed it so well with an end result that must have astounded the vendors. The lesson: Ignore CV’s from now on- the market has moved on. When researching your future investment, or revaluing your current portfolio, ignore CV’s. Get the facts from your nearest estate agency for recent sales in the area -then add a a bit to bring it up to date.

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