Cow Sheds In The Suburbs

There is no doubt in my mind that these so called “modern” cow sheds are destroying the ambiance of traditional neighbourhoods.

If people want to build these over sized boxes, designed by architects who think that there is only one shape- a straight line – then let them build it where It doesn’t offend the eye.

In most countries around the world it is illegal to build out of character of the neighbourhood. As long as the exterior fits in, it can be as modern as you like on the interior. Likewise old houses can be refurbished to the latest designs, so long as the exteriors fit in.

It astounds me that the owners who pay for these eyesores, and actually want to live in them are so uncultured that they cannot understand what they are doing.

There should be a department of aesthetics on every the Council where every new build must be vetted before it is built so it remains sympathetic with its surroundings.

Heritage row: Owner defends modern build
By Bernard Orsman | May 29, 2012 NZ Herald

Ian Webster says he was careful to ensure his new house in the heritage suburb of St Marys Bay would not be a concrete and glass bunker.

Responding to the criticism about the house at 38 Hackett St, Mr Webster said it was inspired by a 1945 Barcelona building and was sympathetic to other houses in the neighbourhood.

“We certainly don’t think it detracts from the area any more than some of the bungalows around there that are in a sad state of disrepair,” he said.

Hackett St resident John Field has called the house a “design monstrosity”. Adrian Duff, who lives across the road, said the two large rectangles stuck out “like pimples on an otherwise lovely landscape”.


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