Consents Up Too

Building consents up 17%

Earthquake-related building is boosting the strong rise in new home approvals.

Statistics New Zealand data reveals building consents rose 17% in August (on a seasonally adjusted basis and excluding apartments), boosted by a 57 earthquake-related dwellings.

It’s the second consecutive month of growth in building consents and confirms the trend for the number of new dwellings authorised, including apartments, as increasing since March.

Statistics NZ data revealed:
179 apartment units were authorised, including 102 assisted-living apartments at retirement village complexes.- 1,330 new dwellings, excluding apartments, were authorised, up 11% compared with the same month last year.
Earthquake-related consents identified in Canterbury totalled $20 million, including 57 new dwellings, of which 50 are relocatable dwelling units.
Total residential consent values rose $10 million (2.1%).
Total non-residential consent values fell $18 million (6.2%).

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