Buyers Battling

Readers will no doubt think I am being biased in putting up one positive article after another on this website.

Let me assure you that I bring you news as it happens, and if it was bad news I would post that as well.

Four-month battle to find a home
By Michael Dickison

A four-month battle through Auckland’s real estate auction rooms stretched Gareth Berry’s budget from $400,000 to $880,000 before he finally landed his first family home.

Mr Berry, a 35-year-old technology entrepreneur, was spurred by the birth of his second child to visit more than 200 open homes and bid on dozens of houses, wading through a crazy housing market that has surged to record highs.

“It’s nuts out there, and it’s not going to change anytime soon,” Mr Berry said. “I lost my rag a little bit. Didn’t ‘lose it’ lose it – but at two of the auctions I missed out on, I stormed out in frustration.”

He first began looking to move out of his two-bedroom Newmarket apartment last year – but the rentals he was interested in were $700 to $900 a week.


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One thought on “Buyers Battling

  1. The Hearld needs to be careful here…..they seem to be trying to talk the market up with regular articles. A small packet of properties surrounding Mt Eden that are experiencing a price increase does not constitute the ‘property market’. I watched with interest the Media distroy the property market in November-December 2007, where house prices in the same area dropped $100K overnight, and 10 months before the financial melt-down on Wall St. I’m now watchiing the same Medial talk the market up $100K. This mr Berry article rubbish. He was uniformed, even in the depths of the recession, to think he could be a house worth $880K for $400K 3 years ago. he also needs to buy a more feul efficent car, $200 should be getting him over 1,000 Km – that would you to Bulls and back.

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