Auckland House Prices At New High-Barfoot’s

Barfoot’s Sale Prices At New High For March

If you have been hesitating about getting into the market then consider the facts below.
12 months ago the gloom merchants were predicting  the end of the Bull Run.

Well here’s their answer.
Don’t sit around wondering what might have been.

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ensuring that any steps taken are done so prudently and with care.

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March 2014     sold 1392 properties                     total $1,010,185,619
March 2013     sold 1430 properties                     total  $   923,677,919
12 months to March 2014 sold 13,088 properties total  $8,678,371,357
12 months to March 2013 sold 12,159 properties total  $7,365,846,194

An exceptional month for sales across Auckland
March was a busy month for residential sales across Auckland.
The month traditionally yields the highest sales figures for a calendar year, and this month continued the trend with 1392 residential sales, an 80 per cent increase from February sales and the second busiest March since 2007.

Auckland residential property prices saw a seven per cent increase during March, compared to February’s prices, with average house prices reaching $725,708. The median sales price for the month was $652,000.

Barfoot & Thompson Chief Executive Officer, Wendy Alexander, said March activity has been consistent with seasonal property trends.

March is traditionally the busiest month in the property calendar, so it is no surprise that we saw a significant increase in residential sales when compared to the previous month.
Demand for property across the wider Auckland region remains strong, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future,” she says.

“New listings for the month were the highest in any March for six years, and there is a wide range of properties coming through on our listings.
While there remains a large number of buyers coming into the market, there was also more choice.
Properties are selling quickly because they are priced sensibly to meet the market.”

Sales of homes over $1 million continued to grow with homes in this price bracket accounting for 35 per cent of total residential sales for March, this represents the largest number of premium properties sold during a single month since 2008.

At the other end of the spectrum, 19 per cent of homes sold in March were under $500,000.

Ms Alexander said the activity at both ends of the housing market demonstrated the diversity and wide-range of properties on offer throughout the Auckland region.


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  1. I am your honour’s reader. I have interest to invest in commercial property which the land size big enough, good location has potential for adding values, short term with rental income, long term has re-development potential.
    Where shall I looking at?
    What about acquire farm land as a land banker for future development? If yes, where in the Northland?

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