A very significant softening, if it transpires

For those of us watching for signs (reading the tea leaves) about Auckland’s future, this is significant …

Council tones down plans
by Bernard Orsman, NZ Herald
Small-scale apartment buildings may be more restricted than previously thought.

The Auckland Council is toning down controversial plans for small-scale apartment buildings in half of suburban Auckland.

Councillors will tomorrow consider a new proposal to place small-scale apartments close to town centres and major transport routes and preserve suburbs for single and terraced housing.

Plans in the council’s planning rulebook – the draft Unitary Plan – for apartments in suburban streets caused alarm and the creation of a “grassroots” organisation, Auckland 2040, to oppose the measures.

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One thought on “A very significant softening, if it transpires

  1. Is it posible to get hold of a copy of the minuites of these planning meetings ? The changes put forward sound significant and will affect a few projects on the drawing board.

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