400,00 New Houses Needed -The Next Boom?

If this prediction comes true, Auckland alone will need to build 15,000 homes each year from now own (allowing for demolition etc) . As the countries total building is not much more, it can only mean higher priced and higher rents . And I am sure that Len Brown is not talking about expensive homes either . You have been warned.


“Auckland’s new plan to create the “world’s most liveable city” has been unveiled this morning by Mayor Len Brown.

It comes as the Auckland Council faces scrutiny over transport and crowd management failures during the Rugby World Cup’s opening night.

In a speech and documents rich in buzzwords, Brown added two new ones: “kid city” and “Auckland Unleashed”.

The plan to move Auckland from the world’s 13th most-liveable city to the first – supplanting Melbourne – envisions a city that will have a million more people in the next 30 years and will need 400,000


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